Banjo-Tooie (XBLA) is a game released in 2009, and was developed by Rare and 4J Studios. The game was released for Xbox Live Arcade (Xbox 360). (This guide covers the Xbox Live Arcade version.)

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Achievement Guide

  • Knocked Out Klungo (20G): Defeat Klungo once.
  • Treasure Hunt (20G): Collect one Red Feather, one Gold Feather, one Egg, one Note and one Jinjo.
  • All Beaten Up (20G): Use either Mumbo's attack or the Daddy T-Rex to defeat 20 enemies.
  • A Merry Old Soul (20G): Defeat Old King Coal.
  • Hatch the Future (20G): Use a split-up pad or hatch a Stop 'n' Swop egg.
  • Calamari Bonanza (20G): Freeze all the octopi located in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
  • It Lives! (15G): Use Mumbo's "Life" magic on Sabreman in Hailfire Peaks.
  • After the Rainbow (10G): Perform Mumbo's "Rain Dance" magic in Cloud Cuckooland.
  • My Nemesis (10G): Defeat the Hag 1 (Gruntilda).
  • Points Make Prizes (15G): Obtain 60 points in the "Balloon Burst" mini-game in the Crazy Castle of Witchyworld.
  • They Think It's All Over... (15G): Win the Kickball finals in Hailfire Peaks.
  • Shoot 'Em Up! (15G): Defeat either 20 Ulcers, 20 Mines or 20 Clinkers.

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